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Merry Maids of Victoria is an award-winning franchise that attributes its success to its unique culture and the importance of teamwork at all levels of the organization.

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Below are some of the most prestigious awards we have had the honour of winning:

The Team Member of the Year – North America (2018)

Congratulations to Melissa who recently won one of the most prestigious awards in the Merry Maids Nation, Team Member of the Year – North America! There are 1000s of team members to choose from and Melissa was hand-picked as the best of the best. We are proud of Melissa because she continually teaches all of us of how to be positive, work hard and how to care deeply about people.

The Dallen Peterson Founder’s Award (2015)

Recently at our Annual North American Seminar, we were awarded Merry Maids’ top honour – the Dallen Peterson Founder’s Award!

Of over 400 enterprises across North America, only one is awarded with the Dallen Peterson Founder’s Award each year. It is given to a business that exemplifies the highest quality in business operations, including customer service and employee satisfaction.

Merry Maids of Victoria is the first in Canada to be given the company’s top award! We are so proud and privileged to be a Founder’s Award winner.

Thank you to all of our customers and team members for helping make this dream come true!

The Dallen Peterson Award of Excellence (2005, 2010, 2012, 2015)

This award is one of the highest distinctions a Merry Maids can earn. Out of more than 400 enterprises, it recognizes just five Franchise Owners who exemplify the highest quality in their business operations, including customer and employee satisfaction. The award is named for the company’s Founder, Dallen Peterson.

The Dallen Peterson Award of Distinction (2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015)

This award recognizes the top 20 Merry Maids franchises in North America and nominates these recipients for the Dallen Peterson Award of Excellence, which is given to the top 5 franchises. This unique award acknowledges their commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

2010 North American Team Member of the Year

The Team Member of the Year Award recognizes the team member who time after time raises the bar for customer satisfaction and embodies the best qualities Merry Maids has to offer. Team Member of the Year is an esteemed and highly sought-after award that all team members across North America are eligible to receive via nominations by their peers and management. We are proud to have one of our own win this award in 2010. Congratulations Cheryl Lehmann!

Canadian Team Member of the Year

This prestigious award recognizes a team member who is dedicated to service, committed to excellence and driven to succeed. It is given as a means to thank those individuals who spend every day in the field delivering exceptional service to their clients. We are honored to have had five of our team members win this award in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Client First Award 2010

This award is presented to a Merry Maids franchise that has exemplified what it means to be customer-focused by submitting a story about how they went above and beyond for one or more of their customers during the previous year. Merry Maids of Victoria won this prestigious award in 2010 and below explains how they did this.

During a time when customer service is the primary differentiator among competing brands, some companies rise to the challenge, while others become complacent. More specifically, businesses focused on long-term growth know that putting clients at the forefront is essential to their success. And in order to do this, leading brands must do this through the best of times, as well as the worst of times…it’s called being resourceful.

In April 2010, the local Merry Maids of Victoria office endured a major fire that would have crippled most operations. From the water soaked carpets to the soggy ceiling tiles, computers were dismantled, and it appeared that business would have to be put on hold indefinitely. But the spirit behind Merry Maids of Victoria refused to allow the gravity of the situation to overshadow its primary objective – to take care of clients in a seamless, professional manner. After all, this approach has made Merry Maids an industry leader in Victoria since 1991.

With little time to think, Andrea Samsom, Karen McClean and Cheryl Lehmann took control of the situation and began leading by example. Computers were immediately relocated to Scott and Susan Tanner’s home, so that daily service work orders could be generated. Next, the “dynamic trio” carted cleaning equipment and solutions to the parking lot in order to sort accordingly. Andrea, Karen and Cheryl then took the necessary time to inform each associate as to what had happened and that it was critical to maintain a “business as usual” mindset. All told, the Victoria office did not cancel or reschedule a single appointment that day, and Karen even fit in an interview on the front steps of a destroyed office building! The team operated out of the Tanner’s home for the next two weeks until they moved into a temporary office, they stayed there for the next 9 months before being able to move back.

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