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Pet Stain Removal from Carpets

At Merry Maids, We’re pet owners, too. Follow these handy tips to remedy your pet’s little accidents.

  • Blot up liquids by placing absorbent towels or rags over the affected area and stepping on them; applying light pressure at first. Change towels or rags until the mess is no longer absorbed.
  • For fresh stains, apply a bacteria/enzyme digester from a pet store. Be sure to follow the directions.
  • For urine stains, apply the digester, put plastic over it, and then step on the spot until the area is well saturated. Leave the plastic on to ensure that the solution does not dry out.
  • Older stains may be difficult or impossible to remove. For these trouble spots, consider neutralizing the area after the digester has been working for about four hours. Mix a solution of one cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Rinse the area with this solution and apply a fresh batch of bacteria/enzyme solution.
  • If the stain or smell persists, call a professional deodorizing specialist. A total remedy will likely involve cleaning the entire carpet by extracting it and replacing the under-padding, or the carpet itself.

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