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"I was certainly a bit hesitant about letting someone in my home while I am there as I work from home, but after talking to Matt and seeing the amazing results that Merry Maids produce, I am very happy with their service and shall continue to use them weekly."

Jay – Bear Mountain

“Efficient and friendly service every time.”

Jenna S., Victoria

“Merry Maids has been cleaning my home for several years now and I would cancel my cable and stop buying lattes before I gave them up!”

Lynn Scott, Victoria

"My team has always been happy, pleasant and willing. They do an excellent job of keeping my unit clean and are always willing to do any extras that I ask of them. Valerie and her partners are excellent workers."

Mrs. G – Sidney

“You always let me know ahead of time when the girls will be coming and I appreciate that. They are especially good at cleaning the kitchen & bathroom. They dust and vacuum each room they will even go outside and rake leaves to make things look tidy out there. They are pleasant to talk to and nice to have around. Products used seem quite satisfactory.”

Mrs. H, Oak Bay

“The person who cleans my home is quiet and takes good care of the furniture and other items in my home; she works without stopping and does a thorough job. The house looks and smells very clean when she has finished. She always has a smile, and is very ladylike in her demeanour. She is a pleasure to have in my home.”

Mrs. L, Oak Bay

“Friendly, hard working cleaning team that did an excellent job. They used pleasant smelling Merry Maids’ Products that left everything shining and were environmentally safe.”

Mrs. R – Saanich

“The ladies who clean are lovely and intelligent, well groomed and very personable. They do a thorough job and the cleaning products clean very well and smell fresh!”

Ruth S., Oak Bay

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Call 250-598-6243 for a Free Estimate

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