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How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors

Typically marble and granite tends to be protected with a finishing agent to maintain a shine a lustre. If you wish to retain this shine, it is necessary to periodically buff the floor and once and a while replace the actual finishing agent.

Marble and Granite rocks are very porous and can suffer scratches without proper care. Cleaning the material with a neutral cleaner solution and polished dry will strengthen the surface to prevent scratches. If you notice a scratch or dull surface, simply apply a marble restorer which is available at any janitorial supply store.

What About Cultured Marble?

There are certain types a granite and cultured marble that tends to be stronger than traditional marble, but can lose their lustre after many years of wear.

To bring them back to life, clean with an all-purpose or disinfectant cleaner in a spray bottle and soft micro-fibre cloth. It is not recommended that you use any form of powdered cleansers as they can be abrasive and do more damage.
When working on the marble, ensure the surface is kept wet while wiping.

The next step is to apply a polishing compound to bring back the initial glow of the surface. Use a small amount of appliance, car or silicone wax sealer to restore the marble’s shine.

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